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We are a creative & tech minded team that can craft anything digital.
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The Story of Lolz

Lolz LLC is a young, prolific, and multi-disciplined team that has the ability to tackle anything digital and make it great. From concept to launch we can help companies at any step of the process with their needs. We started in 2007 and have been serving direct to client customers and the advertising world ever since.

Our mission is to create engaging experiences on the internet. We combine cutting edge creative, with technical innovation that is unrivaled by any other digital agency. We make sure every project we take on plays into our unique strengths, allowing our clients to be happy and to produce the best work possible.

Capabilities include: creative, tech direction, design, backend and frontend programming, Facebook applications, and more.

Mike Bodge
Creative Director
Mike makes sure all of our work both looks good, and has that important engaging idea behind it. Before starting Lolz he was a creative at JWT and BBH where he helped them create award winning interactive ideas. He is also way too obsessed with his dog.
Usman Farman
Managing Director
Ozzy takes care of business here at Lolz, making sure projects get out the door and that clients are happy. Before starting Lolz he ran another design firm, and even before that worked in the terrifying world of finance.

I'm Madison the office dog!

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Work at Lolz

We aren't currently hiring, but we're always looking to meet amazing and talented people. Send your resume and portfolio over to jobs@lolzllc.com